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Responding to Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault on Campus


In 2015, the Attorney General's Office led the effort to pass the Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act. Under this law, public and private colleges and universities in Illinois must meet several requirements aimed at raising awareness about and addressing campus sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

These requirements include:

  1. Developing a comprehensive policy, including a procedure to resolve complaints, a definition of consent, and an amnesty provision;
  2. Providing students with a confidential advisor;
  3. Providing survivors a short and clear written explanation of their rights;
  4. Participating in a task force to evaluate policies, practices and procedures regarding sexual assault on campus;
  5. Offering annual training to students and campus employees; and
  6. Reporting information and data annually to the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

All Illinois colleges and universities are required to submit their annual report by November 1 of each year. The Attorney General's Office is required to post on its website a list of all colleges and universities that fail to comply with reporting requirements defined by the law.

The compliance lists for each reporting year indicate which Illinois higher education institutions have provided a full report, those that have provided incomplete reports and those that have failed to submit a report entirely. These lists only address compliance with the Act's requirement that each school submit an annual report. The list should not be construed as providing an opinion or analysis about the contents of a school's report or a school's degree of compliance with the Act as a whole.