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Protecting Illinois Consumers
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Protecting Consumers
Advocating for the Older Citizens of Illinois
Safeguarding the Children of Illinois
Advocating for Older Citizens
Safeguarding Children
Helping Illinois Crime Victims
Ensuring Open and Honest Government in Illinois
Helping Crime Victims
Ensuring Open and Honest Government

Clergy Abuse Hotline
Supporting survivors of sexual abuse in schools
Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus
Improving Response to Sexual Assault Crimes in Illinois
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2020 Safe Shopping Guide
Submit a Price Gouging Complaint
Apply for Crime Victims Compensation
Advocating for the Women of Illinois
Keeping Illinois Communities Safe
Advocating for Women
Keeping Communities Safe
Defending and Protecting Your Rights
Protecting the Environment in Illinois
Defending Your Rights
Protecting the Environment
Building Better Charities to serve those in need
Public Utilities
Building Better Charities

Student Loan Debt Assistance
Identity Theft Hotline
Public Access Counselor
How to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Attorney General's Office
Office of The Inspector General

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