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Military Rights

We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served our nation and safeguarded our freedom. In war and in peace, they have risked their lives for our country.

Attorney General Raoul recognizes that the physical and psychological effects of military duty often continue after the tour of duty ends. Likewise, the country's support for the troops does not stop when they come home. To compensate veterans for the hardships they have suffered in service to our country, the state and federal governments provide them with benefits.

The Attorney General's Military and Veterans Rights Bureau is dedicated to ensuring that veterans and active duty military service members receive the benefits they have earned. The bureau provides men and women with assistance, including case advocacy, health outreach and public advocacy forums. For more information on the services our office provides, please see the links below or contact the Military and Veterans Rights Bureau.

Submit a Military & Veterans Rights Request for Assistance Form

If you or a loved one is currently serving or has served in the armed forces and is in need of assistance, would like to voice a concern, or would like to file a complaint, please complete the Military and Veterans Rights Request for Assistance form and provide as much detail as possible. Once received, someone from the office will contact you regarding the matter.


This form may open in a new browser window. However, because it contains some advanced features, it cannot be submitted through a web browser. You must download this complaint form to your device and use Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to submit a completed form by email.

Follow these additional instructions on how to change your browser settings to open and download the complaint form.

Military Veterans Assistance and State Charter

The Illinois Attorney General enforces the laws that provide and protect the benefits for Illinois veterans and their families. Follow the link below for information on the Military and Veterans Assistance Act (MVAA) and the Veteran Service Organizations State Charter Act, and for access to the State Charter application.

Protecting Employment and Benefits while on Military Duty:
The Illinois Service Member Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (ISERRA)

In 2018, the Attorney General's Office initiated a law to strengthen our state’s commitment to members of our National Guard & Reserve. The Illinois Service Member Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (ISERRA) ensures Illinois service members’ employment and benefits are protected while they are fulfilling their military requirements.

The law reflects the need to protect our military service members and their right to maintain their civilian jobs while they are serving our country. ISERRA also helps provide information and training for employers across Illinois.

The law also created a new position of ISERRA advocate in the Attorney General’s Office. The ISERRA advocate can assist both service members and employers with information to ensure the rights of service members are protected. For further assistance, please contact:

The Attorney General’s ISERRA Advocate
Thomas W. Banning
For individuals with
communication disabilities,
simply dial 7-1-1.

To ensure that service members who are also public employees can receive all the benefits they are due while fulfilling their military duty, our office can help with the Differential Pay calculations.

View this self-guided PowerPoint that explains the law and instructs employers, employees and HR professionals in how to calculate payments accurately.

The accompanying worksheet goes step-by-step and includes formulas to generate the payments for specific circumstances.