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The Attorney General's Office upholds just immigration policies and educates Illinois' immigrant communities about their rights and important services available as residents of Illinois.

The Way Forward Act Adds Protections for Immigrant Communities

The Way Forward Act, which became law in Illinois in August 2021, amended two existing state laws to add additional requirements and protections for immigrant communities: 1) the Illinois TRUST Act and 2) the Voices of Immigration Communities Empowering Survivors (“VOICES”) Act.

The TRUST Act generally prohibits local law enforcement in Illinois from participating in immigration enforcement.

The VOICES Act provides procedural protections for immigrants victimized by violent crime or human trafficking who have assisted law enforcement in investigating or prosecuting certain types of crimes. Survivors of certain qualifying crimes may be eligible for a U-visa, and survivors of human trafficking may be eligible for a T- visa.

The Attorney General's office has issued updated guidance to law enforcement agencies to provide an overview of Illinois laws that govern law enforcement interactions with immigrant communities, including the TRUST Act and the VOICES Act. The office also requires annual reporting regarding their compliance with the TRUST Act and the VOICES Act.

“Know Your Rights” for Immigrants Interacting With Law Enforcement

In response to intensified immigration enforcement and actions toward so-called sanctuary cities, the Attorney General's Office has a “Know Your Rights” public awareness campaign to help immigrants living in Illinois understand their rights and responsibilities when interacting with law enforcement.

Every Illinois resident has constitutional rights-- regardless of their citizenship or immigration status. The Attorney General's Office encourages people to read and carry a Know Your Rights card with them in case they are approached by law enforcement or immigration authorities.

Protecting Immigrants From Fraud and Immigration Scams

The Immigrant Assistance Program was established to ensure that state government is aware of the needs of Illinois' immigrant population and the barriers which may prevent immigrants from seeking and obtaining government services. The Immigrant Assistance Program involves the coordination of the provision of services by the Office of the Attorney General and provision of referrals to other government agencies as appropriate.

The office frequently issues alerts about fraud where immigrants are either targeted or are especially susceptible. Many complaints involve individuals seeking advice for visas and other legal status from immigration services providers. It is important to understand the regulations and requirements that are in place for immigration service providers, notaries, travel agents, insurance agents and others that may offer assistance in immigration matters.

Immigration Services Providers must register with the Illinois Attorney General's Office. To check the status of a Services Provider or file a complaint, please call us.




Línea Gratuita en Español : 1-866-310-8398

Individuals with hearing or speech disabilities can reach us by using the 7-1-1 relay service.

Those new to the country or not comfortable with English also may fall victim to other common consumer scams. The Attorney General's Office has a Consumer Fraud helpline staffed with individuals fluent in other languages and can also assist with translations in many cases. Consumer Fraud complaints can also be submitted online in Spanish and Polish.