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Consumer Protection

Advocating for Consumers around Health Care, Medications, and Public Health Concerns


Our personal health is important to our overall wellbeing and that can leave us vulnerable to health care scams and fraud. In more broader terms, the public health of Illinois residents can be jeopardized by unsafe products or medical devices and whole communities can be impacted by drugs that are harmful, illegal, or addictive.

The Attorney General upholds laws that protect our health and advocates for the health and safety of Illinois residents, including children and seniors.

The Attorney General’s Office also offers informal dispute resolution programs for consumers with complaints concerning their purchases and health care. The Health Care Bureau was created to assist consumers with difficulties they encounter in obtaining health care services and insurance benefits through mediation, investigation and enforcement actions.

Addressing Critical Health Care Issues

The Attorney General protects the safety of Illinois residents by advocating for public health. This involves litigating against the producers of products that are unhealthy or unsafe. The office also advocates for laws that protect the health of individuals, particularly children and others who may be vulnerable.

Protecting Illinoisans from the dangers of Tobacco and Vaping

Tobacco Settlements
The Office of the Illinois Attorney General filed suit in response to serious concerns about the tobacco industry's marketing practices and public deception regarding the health risks that cigarettes pose to consumers. Attorney General Kwame Raoul in April 2022 announced Illinois received more than $804 million from tobacco manufacturers as part of the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).

Youth Vaping
Attorney General Raoul successfully advocated for legislation to strengthen state regulations of electronic cigarette marketing to protect Illinois children from the harms of e-cigarettes. Our office has in place a consent decree against the e-cigarette manufacturer Juice Man. It bans them from the state after producing vaping products that appeal to minors.

Combating Drug Abuse and Drug Distribution
The toll of illegal drug use affects individuals, families, and the whole communities. The Illinois Attorney General works to ensure public health, and to promote safer communities by taking legal action to stop the surge of illegal drugs, advocating for laws and programs to address the issue, and prosecuting criminal activity.