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Requirements for Fundraising

Professional Fund-Raiser Registration Forms

  1. Instruction Sheet
    These are the instructions for completing and filing the registration materials and fees required to be registered as a professional fund-raiser in Illinois.

  2. PFR-01 Professional Fund Raiser Registration Statement
    Registration statement for professional fund-raisers.

  3. CS-6 Professional Fund-Raiser Bond
    $10,000 Surety Bond form included with registration as a professional fund-raiser.

  4. PFR-06 Professional Fund-Raiser List of Charities & Contracts
    Form for reporting contract information between a professional fund raiser and a registered charitable organization. This form should be filed at registration and with each new contract that is filed.

  5. PS-01 Professional Solicitor Registration Statement.
    Registration statement for professional solicitors.

Professional Fund-Raiser Report Forms

  1. Professional Fund-Raiser Annual Report Instructions
    These are the instructions for completing and filing the professional fund-raiser report forms, fees, and all required attachments.

  2. PFR-02 Professional Fund-Raiser Annual Financial Report
    This is the summary first page of the financial report form required to be filed by professional fund-raisers.

  3. IFC Report Of Individual Fund-Raising Campaigns
    This is the campaign financial report form that is to be filed along with the PFR-02 for each fund-raising campaign conducted by the professional fund-raiser for the period of the report.

  4. PFR-04 Professional Solicitor Compensation Report
    This is the solicitor compensation report that is to be filed along with the PFR-02 listing all solicitors employed or retained by the professional fund-raiser during the period of the report.

  5. PFR-05 Explanation of Professional Fund-Raiser Fees
    This form is filed along with the PFR-02 form. By completing this form the professional fund-raiser explains how fund-raising fees are accumulated and billed to the charitable organization.

Professional Fundraising Consultant Registration Forms