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Illinois Address Confidentiality Program

The Illinois Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) provides survivors of domestic violence and their household members with a substitute address to use as their home and work addresses, instead of the address where they actually live. The ACP Substitute Address helps prevent abusers from locating survivors.

The ACP substitute address can be used by participants for creating or updating public records, such as for use on a driverís license or state-issued identification card.

The ACP also provides a mail-forwarding service for all first-class mail sent to the substitute address.

State and local government agencies are required to use the substitute address when creating a new public record related to the survivor or household member and when corresponding with the individual.

The ACP is NOT a witness protection program that can assist with relocation or a change of identity. The ACP can be a valuable addition to a safety plan, but is not a substitute for a comprehensive safety plan.

The ACP is most effective when the applicant relocates to a new address, unknown to the abuser, around the time they apply for the program. The Act does not require government agencies to change existing public records. If a participant has lived at their actual address for any length of time and public records exist with their name and current address, it may still be possible for him or her to be located despite participating in the ACP.

Participating in the ACP alone will not adequately protect against domestic violence. Survivors of domestic violence should work with an advocate to develop a comprehensive safety plan. To locate an advocate, please contact the Illinois Domestic Violence helpline at (877) 863-6338.

Beginning January 1, 2021, victims of sexual assault and stalking may also enroll in the ACP.

To apply to participate in the Illinois Address Confidentiality Program, please complete the secure online application below or download and complete the PDF of the ACP Application. The application contains instructions on how to submit it to the Illinois Attorney Generalís Office:

Online ACP Application Form

ACP Application (PDF)

For more information:

Contact the ACP at:

1-844-916-0295 (Toll-Free)
1-877-398-1130 (TTY)

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