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September 8, 2010


Months of Mediation Pay off in Plan that will Mean Thousands of New Jobs

Chicago -- Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced today that mediation sessions conducted by her office over the past several months have led to an agreement for Navistar International to move and expand its corporate headquarters in Illinois.

“In these extremely difficult times, Illinois cannot afford to turn its back on a company that wants to keep and create thousands of jobs in our state. I am pleased that my office’s intervention allowed Navistar and the residents to come to an agreement that benefits an Illinois company and Illinois workers,” said Madigan.

Last year, Navistar, a Fortune 500 engine and truck manufacturer, began working toward the purchase of a corporate campus in Lisle formerly owned by Lucent and located off the I-88 corridor in DuPage County. However, objections to the development by some residents near the site stymied the project. Lack of movement by both sides led Navistar officials to suggest moving the international headquarters outside of Illinois, taking thousands of jobs with it.

In June, Madigan reached out to the nearby residents offering her office’s assistance in brokering a deal that would satisfy both sides. Attorney General Madigan’s staff met with Navistar officials and with residents to determine a path that would both satisfy the concerned residents and move the project forward in Lisle.

“We have to seize every opportunity to maintain and create jobs and, in this case, that meant bringing Navistar and the Lisle residents together to work through their differences,” said Attorney General Madigan. “Through this agreement, Navistar will now retain and add as many as 3,000 jobs to Illinois’ workforce as it establishes its international corporate headquarters in Lisle.”

Residents primarily objected to Navistar’s intention to set-up a large-scale testing and research facility at the corporate headquarters site. After many weeks of discussions, Navistar informed the Attorney General in late August that it would modify its plans and establish the corporate headquarters in Lisle while locating the research and testing facility elsewhere in Illinois.


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