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Winter Break Tech  Reminders
Winter Break Tech Reminders

As families prepare for winter break and gift exchanges, let’s help them plan responsibly for technology gift giving with the following tips:

  • Enabling parental controls on devices is a good cautionary step to help guide children online.
  • Learning more about apps and games before downloading or purchasing empowers adults to make informed decisions as to what their child may be exposed to online.
  • Incorporating ongoing discussions about online activity is a must to keep the lines of communication open.

Let’s help make this winter break a safe and fun time!

Truth or Dare

Today’s tweens and teens still play the classic game of truth or dare. However, recent digital safety conversations with students have revealed that some have upped the ante by taking the game online. A movie released over the summer called Nerve may have peaked additional interest in the game through its portrayal of a high school student who becomes involved in an online game of truth or dare.

Truth or Dare

Therefore, it’s an opportune time to discuss the risks of playing online. Obvious risks include the involvement of unknown participants, dares posed without regard to a person’s character or integrity and the ability to record and reveal online dares and “truths” to anyone, including large audiences.

Live Streaming Video, Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouNow are a few apps that students now use to live broadcast themselves online or to watch others. As with any other app youth use, geolocation and privacy settings should be reviewed along with the presence of any identifiable information viewable in the video. Of note, as the videos are “live,” youth lacking impulse control may find themselves oversharing or wishing they could take something back.

#thinkbeforeyoustream: If your child is interested in streaming, first help them develop a pro/con list to determine whether it’s a safe—and smart—choice.

E-Info Hotline

The E-Info Hotline provides assistance to kids, teens, parents and school personnel coping with cyberbullying and Internet safety issues. If you believe that you or someone you know needs assistance, please call 1-888-414-7678 to contact an Internet Safety Specialist.

Thank you for all you do to educate, protect and inspire Illinois children! We look forward to continuing to support your work and creating effective resources to implement within your schools and communities. Please continue to visit our website for new and updated digital safety resources for students, educators and families.