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Back 2 School: Online Expectations
Back 2 School: Online Expectations

The first days and weeks of school are a pivotal time for establishing expectations and developing relationships that impact the remainder of the school year. With this in mind, we would like to help you set expectations for your students’ online behavior.

Back 2 School: Back 2 Basics

Suggestions for engagement:

Share resources with families via an email blast, including our Digital Readiness fact sheet , Online Use Agreement for Home and Parent Scenarios.

Encourage students to identify their trusted adults when handling offline and online issues. Secondly, ask them to identify which adults are responsive during different time periods (weekends, nights, days).

Back 2 School: Back 2 Basics

Utilize our Classroom Activities, such as the P Quiz, Digital Footprint and Online Friends and Followers. Pair these with topic-related videos.

• P Quiz: Know the Rules (Elementary), 6 Degrees of Information (MS/HS)
• Digital Footprint: Digital Trail (Elementary), Digital Footprint (MS/HS), Two Kinds of Stupid (HS) • Online Friends and Followers: Beat the Tricks (Elementary), Going Places Safely (Early Elem), Sextortion PSA (MS/HS), Julie’s Journey (MS/HS)

What you need to know about Pokemon Go, a location-based reality game, and, the lip sync app your students may be using.

Securing a Positive Digital Culture Year-Round

We know that Illinois youth are making positive digital choices, but they continue to need support and guidance. Digital safety education and prevention is a year-round initiative. Through the tools and resources we have developed for your use, along with our student, parent and staff presentations, we hope to help you prepare your students for safe technology and Internet use. For even more resources and support, visit Common Sense Media, Netsmartz and the FBI’s Safe Online Surfing websites.

E-Info Hotline

The E-Info Hotline provides assistance to kids, teens, parents and school personnel coping with cyberbullying and Internet safety issues. If you believe that you or someone you know needs assistance, please call 1-888-414-7678 to contact an Internet Safety Specialist.

Grade-Appropriate Resources

These grade-appropriate resource modules cover topics youth face today as they integrate technology use into their daily lives. Module subjects include privacy, digital peer pressure, online exploitation, cyberbullying and piracy.

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