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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Keeping Communities Safe

Feel Good, Don't Smoke Anti-Tobacco Campaign  

Anti-Tobacco Programs

In 1998, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General played a key role in obtaining a historic settlement from the tobacco industry that will benefit Illinoisans for years to come. The Office of the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the tobacco industry seeking compensation for the millions of dollars the state pays in tobacco-related medical expenses each year. Illinois was the 16th state to file such a suit, and the state’s share of the massive and unprecedented settlement amounts to $9.1 billion over the next 25 years.

In an effort to ward off high tobacco-related medical costs in the future, the Attorney General's office has taken steps to curb underage smoking in Illinois. This effort includes proposing the toughest statewide tobacco licensing law in the country. The Feel Good, Don’t Smoke campaign is designed to convince young children that smoking can be dangerous, reversing years of tobacco-industry marketing efforts aimed at kids. The goal of the program is to prevent children from taking that first puff and running the risk of addiction as a teenager and adult.

The Office has conducted statewide anti-smoking design contests in conjunction with the Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Association of Park Districts. Children were asked to design anti-smoking messages for their peers. The winning designs have appeared on billboards throughout the state and have been included in posters and calendars sent to Illinois elementary schools and parks.

Check back in the near future for more Feel Good, Don’t Smoke initiatives.

1999 Contest Winners

2000 Contest Winners

2001 Contest Winners


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