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Safeguarding Children

1-800-477-0024 School Violence Tipline

School Violence Tipline

When our children are at school, we assume and hope that they are in a safe environment. However, we know that violence in schools has become a serious problem. The best way to prevent this type of violence is to empower students who are usually the first to hear about impending violence at school. While the best way to prevent violence is to inform a trusted adult, students can report threats of violence anonymously to the statewide, toll-free School Violence Tipline.

Promoting the tipline is a collaborative effort of the Office of the Attorney General, the Illinois State Police, and the Illinois Parent Teacher Association. The tipline is answered by members of the Illinois State Police. Additional support is provided by the Springfield Mental Health Center.

If you think someone is planning a violent attack at your school, please call the School Violence Tipline at 1-800-477-0024.

For more information, download the Tipline Fact SheetPDF document or Tipline Fact Sheet (HTML)

School Violence Tipline Poster

To order copies of the posters, please contact:
Theresa Geary
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
100 W. Randolph Street, 11th floor
Chicago, IL 60601
direct: 312-814-0991
fax: 312-814-5727



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