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Defending Your Rights

Military and Veterans Rights:


We owe a debt of gratitude to the veterans who have served our nation and safeguarded our freedom. In war and in peace, they have risked their lives for our country.

The physical and psychological effects of military duty often continue after the tour of duty ends. Likewise, our support for the troops does not stop when they come home. To compensate veterans for the hardships they suffered in service to our country, state and federal government agencies provide benefits to veterans. Some of the benefits available to eligible veterans in Illinois include:

  • Health Care
  • Disability compensation
  • Pension
  • Education
  • Insurance

The Military and Veterans Rights Bureau is dedicated to ensuring that veterans receive the benefits they have earned. This brochure outlines the services the office provides to Illinois veterans. If you have any questions about these services, call the Military and Veterans Rights Hotline toll-free at 1-800-382-3000, or TTY: 1-800-964-3013.

Services for Veterans

Toll-Free Military and Veterans Rights Hotline:

800-382-3000, TTY: 800-964-3013

Not sure where you can find the services or benefits you need? Call the Hotline first. Military and Veterans Rights Bureau staff are available via the toll-free line to point you in the right direction.

Case Advocacy

The laws and regulations governing cases before the VA can be complex. Making sure your case receives adequate representation requires a thorough understanding of these rules and procedures. Military and Veterans Rights Bureau staff can help you understand your due process rights in filing claims for compensation or pension benefits.

Health Outreach

Military and Veterans Rights staff make regular visits to area VA hospitals to ensure that patients' needs are being met.

Education Outreach

Veterans are affected by many of the same issues that affect other consumers, seniors and persons with disabilities. For that reason, Military and Veterans Rights staff offer educational programs on these issues through the Public Advocacy Forum. For the sate and location of the next event, call the Military and Veterans Rights Hotline.


The Office of the Attorney General has developed reference materials to help you understand the benefits to which you may be entitled:

The Legal Rights of Illinois Veterans discusses benefits for veterans and the procedures for obtaining them. If you are new to veterans benefits or need a broad overview of the benefits system, this resource is for you.

The Supplements series covers special topics in depth, including health care issues and exposure to chemical weapons. New editions are published as issues arise.

The Illinois Veterans' Advocate , a quarterly newsletter, advises veterans on significant appeals before the VA and the techniques employed in developing those cases.

To receive any of these publications, call the Military and Veterans Rights Hotline.

VA Benefits


To determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits, call the VA Regional Office at 800-827-1000 or TTY: 800-829-4833

Health Benefits:

Apply to the VA hospital near you.

Mental Health Benefits:

Apply to a VA hospital or Veterans Center.

All Other Benefits
Apply to: VA Regional Office, Room 194
536 South Clark Street
Chicago, IL

You must provide the following information to the VA before your claim can be processed:

  • Your VA claim file or "C" number;
  • Your full name and current address;
  • Your Social Security number; and
  • The type of benefit you wish to receive.

The following information will assit the VA in processing your claim:

  • The branch in which you served;
  • Your military serial number, if you served prior to 1969;
  • Your dates of service; and
  • Your date of birth and birthplace.

If you have applied for benefits in the past, remember to notify the benefits counselor.

Military and Veterans Rights Hotline
TTY: 800-964-3013

100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601

500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62701

1001 East Main Street
Carbondale, IL 62901

This document is available in alternate format upon request.

Printed by the authority of the State of Illinois.

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