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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
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Defending Your Rights

Military and Veterans Rights:

Veterans Benefits

The rights and benefits available to you were won by yourself and past generations of veterans. To determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits, call the VA Regional Office at 800-827-1000/TTY: 800-829-4833.

For Health Benefits - Apply to the VA hospital near you

For Mental Health Benefits - Apply to a VA hospital or Veterans Center

For All Other Benefits - Apply to:
VA Regional Office, Room 194
536 South Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

You must provide the following information to the VA before your claim can be processed:

  • Your VA claim file or "C" number;
  • Your full name and current address;
  • Your Social Security number; and
  • The type of benefit you wish to receive.

The following information will assist the VA in processing your claim:

  • The branch in which you served;
  • Your military serial number, if you served prior to 1969;
  • Your dates of service; and
  • Your date of birth and birthplace.

If you have applied for benefits in the past, remember to notify the benefits counselor.

Military and Veterans Rights Hotline
TTY: 800-964-3013

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