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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
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Protecting Consumers


If you’ve been victimized by fraud, deception, or unfair methods of competition, the Consumer Protection Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s office may be able to help. Although our attorneys cannot represent an individual in a lawsuit, our limited mediation program can assist in resolving disputes or complaints filed by individual consumers. Promptness in making a complaint decreases the likelihood that a fly-by-night operator will move, leave town, or go out of business before consumers can gain assistance.

For your convenience, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has posted downloadable complaint forms on our Web site. These forms may be downloaded and returned by regular mail to the appropriate bureau within the Office of the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. To ensure that your form is processed efficiently, carefully review the form you have downloaded, supply all information requested, and include supporting documentation. The Attorney General's Office does not require that you provide your Social Security Number or information as to your citizenship status in order to file a consumer complaint.

The information you submit will be used by attorneys, investigators, and other members of the Attorney General’s staff involved in carrying out the functions, programs, and responsibilities of the Illinois Attorney General.

It is important that your consumer complaint is complete and that you provide copies of any supporting documentation to this office.  We will send your complaint to the party with which you have a dispute unless you advise this office not to do so. This information may also be shared with other governmental enforcement agencies responsible for consumer protection and other laws.

Complaint forms are public records, which are subject to the Freedom of Information Act just like other public records. If we receive a request for copies of records that include your complaint, we may be required to provide a copy of your complaint to the requestor. Information that would reveal your identity as a complainant is, however, exempt from disclosure and will be deleted from copies that we provide, allowing the requestor to read your complaint without compromising your privacy.

Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form

Click Here to fill out the Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form

Printable Consumer Complaint Forms

Fill out and print a consumer complaint form below. We recommend downloading the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing/downloading these PDF complaint forms.

Please include your complete address and phone number as well as the business' address and phone number. Mail the complaint form and any other relevant documents to:

In English send to: En Español send to:
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Consumer Protection Bureau
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62701
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601


If you experience problems with opening a consumer complaint form we recommend that you save the PDF form to your hard drive, then fill out and print from your PC. Follow the instructions for downloading a complaint form below:

1. Click the PDF complaint form link with the RIGHT mouse button
2. Choose "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) OR "Save Link As..." (Firefox and Netscape)
3. Select the folder to which you would like to save the PDF complaint form.


If you have any are experiencing any difficulty with the consumer complaint online form or downloadable pdf forms, please contact us at one of the hotline numbers below so we can be of more assistance.


TTY: 800-964-3013
TTY: 877-844-5461
TTY: 877-675-9339
Spanish Language Hotline: 1-866-310-8398


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