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Keeping Communities Safe

Teen Dating Violence On-Line Resource Kit
Where to Go for Help

Find the domestic violence or rape crisis center closest to you by searching our statewide Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Directory.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Chicagoland Domestic Violence Help Line
1-877-863-6338 (Chicago area only)

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline
1-888-293-2080 (Chicago area only)

More Information for Teens:
Love is not abuse site includes warning signs, a quiz, the story When Love Hurts and more.
Love doesn’t have to hurt teens website.
Developed by Another Level Records of the High School for the Recording Arts and Cornerstone’s Preventing Abuse and Violence through Education (PAVE) program.
The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention in San Mateo County.
Created by teens to inform and encourage activism around teen dating violence.
Created to work with youth to end the culture of violence.
Created to empower men to stop rape and other acts of violence.

More Information for Parents & Educators:
Family Violence Prevention Fund site, includes teen dating violence prevention information and resources, including innovative programs to reach men and young men such as Coaching Boys into Men & the Founding Father’s Campaign.
American Bar Association’s Web site Speaking About Teen Dating Violence
Website of Jackson Katz, a leading anti-sexist male activist, trainer and creator of Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity. He specialized in gender violence prevention with men and boys, especially in sports and military culture.
Website of Paul Kivel, anti-violence and anti-racism activist, writer and lecturer. The website offers articles, books, exercises, bibliographies, links, etc.
A parent education program to begin to bridge the gulf that often exists between schools, parents and their children around difficult topics.
Communities Against Violence site.
Information and resources for parents on how to detect, prevent and help youth in violent relationships.


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